Jeanine Ainscough

Dr Kolloori is kind, caring, considerate, and knowledgeable. He's the best neurosurgeon around. His team is wonderful, the nursing staff and admin staff at Fourways Life are excellent. I had major lower back surgery on Monday, and am feeling better everyday. I highly recommend Dr Kolloori.

Adam Spence

No one is eager to have surgery. But if it becomes necessary, Dr Kolloori is the surgeon you should see. He has operated on my back twice in the last month, and he was superb in every way. He has a phenomenal "bedside manner". When I first saw him, he took the time to help me ascertain the long term cause of the problem and help me identify lifestyle changes to avoid future recurrences. He was very patient with my wife and I, and answered all our questions. We did not feel rushed, and finally understood the problem properly. He was very conservative and sought ways to avoid surgery if at all possible. When my surgery became necessary, he took the time to explain everything in detail, the consequences, and the recovery process. The surgeries went incredibly smoothly, despite him having to repair 2 massive disc herniations. And his daily follow up was great. He communicates very well, and his staff are excellent in this regard too. I was obviously not at all eager to have surgery, but having a surgeon who comes across as genuinely empathetic makes a huge difference. In short, I cannot recommend Dr Kolloori highly enough.

Warren Hodgson

Really thankful to Dr Kolloori for sorting out my back. Amazing service very professional and helpful staff.

Michael Hayes

Dr Kolloori runs a well organized practice with friendly and sufficient staff.

In my case Dr Kolloori tried all conservative methods to avoid surgery as I've had 2 previous surgeries with 2 different surgeons before. He kept me going for about 18 months but eventually surgery was the only option left. Laminectomy, Decompression and Double Fusion was done. I'm 10 weeks post surgery and I'm recovering well. I want to thank Dr Kolloori for taking on the surgery which he described as very difficult because of scar tissue from previous surgeries. He's my favorite Dr and i would highly recommend him for any back related problem.

Luzuko Nteleko

Dr Korlloori AKA Big Dawg is the best Neurosurgeon in South Africa not only because He SAVED my life when I had a brain tumor. when you look at me you can never tell that I had a head surgery his work is a little bit more than excellent that's why I call him BIG DAWG because not All Doctors can do what he did. My family can't stop talking about his humanity. 🙌🏿Thank you BIG DAWG


What a wonderful Team and Doctor. Excellent service!!!! Definitely would recommend.

Sanjay Nana

I had approached Dr. Kolloori to enquire about his non invasive spinal procedure/surgery. I was experiencing severe neuropathic pain, numbness and burning sensations under my feet, legs and buttocks. However, after a MRI scan Dr. Kolloori evaluated my case, his advise was that he needed to do a spinal fusion procedure to secure the levels that were degenerating and herniating which were causing my sciatica nerve to be compromised and damaged. He was very approachable and forthcoming. He put me at ease with the diagnosis. He showed understanding of my personal challenges and encouraged me that this procedure was my best solution.

My surgery was successful. Following his post surgery and recovery advice, I am feeling much relief and continue to feel the benefits of this surgery. I recommend to anyone who is experiencing this type of pain and discomfort to visit the rooms of Dr. Kolloori. His team of staff are friendly and compassionate. You can be rest assured of good service and advice.

Ms. Linda Drummond

I sustained a lower back injury that caused severe pain, which resulted in the need to be admitted to Life Fourways Hospital unexpectedly.

I was referred to Dr. Avinash Kolloori for advice regarding my treatment options. He presented me with all the possibilities in a way that was supportive, which allowed me to make the best decision for me as a person. He also took the time to listen to how I was feeling. In my opinion, these are extremely important characteristics of a healthcare professional and ones that I have only experienced with a few medical doctors.

After trying all non-surgical treatment options prior to being admitted and during my hospital stay, it became clear to me that I needed surgery to be able to walk again. As spinal surgery was a last resort option for me, it was not an easy decision to make. Dr. Kolloori provided me with all of the necessary information and reassurance I required, given that it was clear that the surgery was needed.

The surgery went well and I received wonderful care from Dr. Kolloori and his team, the team of physiotherapists and the nursing staff in the hospital. I am now 3 weeks post surgery and, with weekly physio, am now able to walk without a brace and am getting stronger each day. I have a relatively small scar on my back which is healed and in general am working towards resuming my normal life (except I'll be taking better care of myself of course!).

Devon Welmers

After suffering from 4 years of back pain it eventually got to a point where I could no longer walk. The first time I went to a neurosurgeon was 2 years ago, I saw Dr. Burger at Wilgeheuwel. The appointment lasted all of 5 minutes where he looked at my MRI and told me that nothing was wrong and that my pain wasn’t anything to be concerned about. After 2 years of doubting what the cause of my back pain was, and after I had spent thousands upon thousands on Physiotherapy, Chiropractors, and Biokinetics to no avail I started searching for another neurosurgeon. I came across Dr. Kolloori while searching for neurosurgeons in my area. I booked an appointment and was sent for a follow up MRI. The MRI did not show any major signs of obvious pain production. However, Dr. Kolloori took my symptoms seriously and devised a plan to see what could be done about the pain without having to undergo large invasive surgery. To start off I was put on various neurological pain medications, I was then booked in for a lumbar epidural injection which gave mass release from the pain for about 3 days. Unfortunately the pain had come back in full force and I was sent to have a discogram. The discogram came back as positive and subsequently I was admitted for disc replacement surgery. A few days after the surgery I am back home and back pain free for the first time in 4 years. I’d highly recommend Dr. Kolloori as he takes your case seriously and listens to you and your concerns. He is very conservative and will try everything he can to avoid major surgery. Overall I am beyond grateful for all he has done for me and would recommend anyone experiencing any neurological or spinal issues to go and consult with him. His receptionists, Vanessa and Sharmla are incredible women who are there with you from start to finish.

Barbara Landman

Suffering from trigeminal neuralgia dr kolloori operated on me in July 2019 I am a changed person PAIN FREE thank you doctor you are a true winner

Singh Singh

Excellent Neurosurgeon. I highly recommend Dr. Kollori The receptionist, Shamla at Dr Kolloris office is absolutely fantastic.

I recently had a lumbar spine op. Dr Kollori was the surgeon. He is fantastic Surgeon. Very kind and polite.

Maggie Rodrigues

Dr Kolloori literally saved my life a few months ago. I was rushed to Fourways Hospital in an unconscious state. An MRI and CT scan revealed massive accute-on-chronic subdural hematomas that required immediate removal and drainage - life or death. Dr Kolloori didn't hesitate to clear everything for the two bilateral craniotomies that followed. His patience and sympathy when dealing with my family and his wonderful bedside manner made the horrific circumstances bearable. Thank you Dr Kolloori from the bottom of our hearts!!

AK Latib

Look these doctors rooms are smart practical convenient